Night Walk

Rate From: $45 p.p.

Lasting: 2.5 hrs

Ages: From 7 to 65 yo


Rate with Transportation: $75 pp.

Extraordinary night experience

Tour Description:

Night Tour in tropical rainforest, the private Ecocentro Danaus Reserve is a sanctuary for wildlife where you can observe two and three-toed sloths, iguanas, birds, it has a butterfly farm, natural wetland, and a green environment where animals live Natural way.

During the night visit, it is common to see frogs, snakes, insects of all shapes and sizes, bats, skunks, active sloths, and even caimans.

The tour takes about 2 hours with a professional guide from the Reserve.

What to Expect:

A very educative and interesting night walk, through wide and well-kept trails, where we have a big chance to spot several wildlife species of the night for sure.

Important Notes:

  • Rates per person paying in cash.
  • Your Pick-up time will vary from your location.
  • All tours required a minimum of 2 people to be operated.
  • All tours are certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board.
  • All Tours include liability insurance.
  • Tours operated by local experts and local business.

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