Nature Tours

Discover the best of La Fortuna and Arenal Volcano area with your family.

Arenal Hanging Bridges

These 3.2 kilometers of trails include views of Arenal Volcano, the crossing of 14 bridges (6 are hanging bridges), and an opportunity to appreciate the great diversity that is typical of the rainforest

Rate From: $39 p.p.         •         Lasting: 4 hrs.         •         Ages: From 3 years old.    

One of the best experiences to spot wildlife and enjoy nature. Our knowledgeable guide will help you to find monkeys, sloths, iguanas, lizards, lots of birds, and crocodiles while flowing down the river, yes! crocodiles.

Rate From: $62 p.p.         •         Lasting: 3 hrs.         •         Age: From 1 year old.    

In this gentle walk, you will have the chance of watching up close our most tender and iconic mammal in Costa Rica, the sloth, plus lots of species of birds and reptiles.

Rate From: $45 p.p.    •    Lasting: 2.5 hrs.    •    Ages: From 5 years old.    

A great hike on the west side of the Arenal Volcano where we will go through secondary forest trails and over the 1968 lava flow. It is an awesome opportunity to learn about volcanic activity, the history of the area, and spot some wildlife.

Rate From: $39 p.p.    •    Lasting: 3 hrs.    •    Age: From 5 years old.    

Discover one of the hidden mysteries of Costa Rica, we find it next to Tenorio Volcano National Park, we will explore this beautiful river through the tropical jungle.

Rate From: $65 p.p.    •    Lasting: 6 hrs.    •    Age: From 7 years old.    

Everyone will get the proper rafting “tube” to make the adrenaline in your body seek its way out, while you have to craftily navigate through Arenal River's crystal clear rapids.

Rate From: $45 p.p.    •    Lasting: 2.5 hrs.    •    Age: From 9 years old.    

Best night walk! You'll find more wildlife with every step than on any other walk. The wide trails allow us to safely explore the secrets of the night jungle and spot nocturnal wildlife.

Rate From: $40 p.p.    •    Lasting: 2 hrs.    •    Age: From 7 years old.