Coffee and Chocolate Tour

Rate From: $41 p.p.

Lasting: 3 hrs / Schedules:

Only Coffee Tour: $27 pp.

Only Chocolate: $27 p.p.

Tour Description:

For All Ages!

Enjoy the sweetest experience in the tropical forest, discovering the millennial secrets of chocolate: from its discovery and use in the tropical regions of America, to its transformation, into the product we know and love today.

Considered as "a gift from the Gods", the cacao tree had great importance for the culture, not only for the ceremonial use of its drink but also for its economic value, to the point of being used its seeds as currency in many regions of Mesoamerica, including Costa Rica.

An easy walk through our plantation will give you a very enriching experience on the crops that are the basis of our economy and culture.


What to Expect:

Enjoying a very sweet experience and learning about the history and process of turning coffee and cocoa crops into the tasting and most famous beverages in the world

Important Notes:

  • Rates per person paying in cash.
  • Your Pick-up time will vary from your location.
  • All tours required a minimum of 2 people to be operated.
  • All tours are certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board.
  • All Tours include liability insurance.
  • Tours operated by local experts and local business.

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