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Arenal Vacation Rentals offers you great choices of vacation homes in the Arenal Volcano area.

Take a breakout through La Fortuna de San Carlos and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, resting and enjoying one of our beautiful, fully equipped vacation homes at the foot of the Arenal volcano.

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La Fortuna:

The Arenal volcano in your backyard. La Fortuna de San Carlos is a town located in the north of Costa Rica. La Fortuna is district number seven of the canton of San Carlos. It can be reached by taking the routes through the city of San Ramón or Ciudad Quesada if you come from the central valley.

In recent years, La Fortuna has become a tourist destination par excellence, where visitors can enjoy numerous outdoor activities, hot springs, beautiful landscapes, and hotels for all budgets.

Its most famous icon and attraction is definitely the Arenal volcano. The volcano was active for many years (from 1968 to 2010). The volcanic activity was appreciated thanks to the constant flows of lava that fell along the colossus. It was quite a show.

If you want to know more about La Fortuna visit our blog and read the following article.

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